Qualifications for a career in Mine Environmental Control (MEC)


Two qualifications from the Chamber of Mines of South Africa are relevant to your career in Mine Ventilation:

  • Intermediate Certificate in Mine Environmental Control (Int Cert MEC)
  • Certificate in Mine Environmental Control (Cert MEC)

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If you haven’t done so yet, first read the four steps to start your career.

Intermediate Certificate in Mine Environmental Control

Also referred to as Int. Cert. MEC, or simply “Intermediate”

The topics dealt with in this qualification are the same as those covered by the MEC certificate, but less complex.

There are two papers which you need to write for this certificate. These are referred to as Paper 1 and Paper 2. You can write these papers in any sequence.

We provide a separate course for each paper. You may also need some additional preparatory training from us before you’re ready for the Paper 1 and Paper 2 courses. 

Check out our courses, and feel free to contact us for advice.

After training with us, you can contact the Chamber of Mines to write your exams with them. 

Certificate in Mine Environmental Control

Also referred to as Cert. MEC, or the “MEC certificate”

Once you have your Intermediate certificate, you will be familiar with the exam format. The MEC certificate has 6 papers:

Paper 1 Fluid Flow Dynamics

Paper 2 Thermal Engineering

Paper 3 Planning, Applied Economics, Technical Literature and Information Management

Paper 4 Risk Management, Gases,   Statistics, Fire and Explosions

Paper 5 Occupational Hygiene

Paper 6 Legislation

Our courses prepare you for all these papers.