How to Start Your Career


This serves to answer frequently asked questions and how to start a career in Mine Ventilation (It is also called MEC, Occupation Hygiene, VOHEE, Occupational Engineering and Environmental Engineering)


When selecting a career it is of paramount importance to pursue a career in a discipline you like, which will ensure success. If you choose a career which fascinates you, it would not feel like work and we only excel in careers which is aligned to our inner self. If you like maths and science, you are likely to make a success in this discipline. It is vital that you take time and effort to make the correct career choice, as it will impact the rest of your life. If you make the correct choice, you have worked the last day of your life.


The first step is to obtain three months experience in a mine’s Ventilation department. During this practical exposure, you should also be found competent in the use of the Flammable Gas Measuring Instrument used at your mine. You should measure the workplace environment. Typical measurements would be like, but not limited to barometric pressure, air pressures, rock drill water tube gaps, gases, water samples, air temperatures and - velocities, gravimetric sampling and fan pressures. The experience gained is of paramount importance to create content and understanding of the principles on which our discipline is based. Upon completion of three months practical experience, you may attend the Practical course.


After being found competent in the Practical assessment, you may write the Intermediate in Mine Environmental Control Paper 1 and/or Paper 2 examinations. These examinations may be written in any sequence.


After obtaining the Intermediate qualification, the next step is to study towards the Certificate in Mine Environment Control.