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Is this for you?

The Certificate as required by Section 12 of the Mine Health and Safety Act is classified as a scarce skill, and industry was not able to supply to the demand for the past decade. This means that with your Certificate in MEC, you have a good chance of landing a secure job.

When making a career choice, it’s important that choose career in what you like. Think how bad it would be if you do not like maths and you choose a job which requires a lot of calculations. You would not enjoy your job. But if you choose a career that fascinates you, you will excel in your career because it is aligned to your inner self. 

The MEC qualifications are based on a combination of Engineering and Occupational Hygiene. Maths and science are therefore an integral part of these qualifications. So, if you are passionate about learning, and maths and science fascinate you, this may be for you!

You’ll be at the mine every day, working with instruments. You’ll also have work back at the office, reporting and analysing your readings. Your role is vital for the safety of everyone who works underground.